6 blocks that are limiting your business growth, and what to do about them

It is time to get your business thriving!

Kim Baird

Business Strategy Coach
& Inner Game Transformer

with 18+ years experience

FRIDAY 13th November 2020 @ 12noon NZT


Come join me live for a value-packed 90 minute training with effective strategies and tips to get your business moving forward... even in the current challenging times.

Move your business forward in this FREE online training

Here's what you'll discover...

  • 6 big blocks that limit virtually all small and medium businesses, and more importantly what to do about those blocks so that your business can grow and thrive

  • How most SME business owners are working harder and struggling more than they need to because of these very common blocks

  • How to get unstuck and moving forward in your business even with the chaos of this year still going on

  • 1 simple yet crucial strategy to implement (that very few businesses do) that will massively accelerate your success.

This training is ideal for passionate small to medium business owners who are experiencing any of the following:

  • Not having the impact that they want to create with their business (aka. not getting enough clients!)

  • Struggling with having enough time or not bringing in enough revenue

  • Limiting their results due to fear, doubt or procrastination

  • Eager and ready for big positive changes and momentum in their business

I highly recommend that you jump on the live training with me, but if you can't make it live still register and the recording will get sent out afterwards.

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